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Mary's Background & Competencies


Mary began her professional career at age 22, working with a Fortune 1000 Payroll/HR company. Starting at just $13/hour in an admin role, she quickly acquired the skills, education, and training required to advance into mid-market sales. Mary found her sales success by listening to her clients and always solving their needs; putting their agenda before hers. Even in times when her sales approach was the direct inverse of what corporate was enforcing, she knew in her heart what was right, leveraging emotional, intellectual, and behavioral intelligence. With multiple TOP 10  finishes and millions in revenue sold, she left in 2011 to become a business strategist for entrepreneurs. Her vision expanded into youth entrepreneurship education and she eventually went back to the Payroll/HR company serving larger, more complex prospects/clients in 2014. She left in 2017 after two Top 25 and one Top 10 finish and millions more sold to pursue a journey understanding the Human Behavior Intelligence that drives high growth sales and is now dedicating her professional career to helping companies drive growth. Connect: www.linkedin.com/in/marygrothe

Core Competencies

  • Human Behavior Intelligence
  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Consultative/Complex Sales Methodology Training
  • Proven Efficient Prospecting Strategies
  • Revenue Growth Modeling
  • Sales Compensation Planning
  • Sales Team Development
  • Sales Coaching
  • Outsourced VP of Sales
  • Outsourced Sales Management
  • Business Plan Development
  • Entrepreneurship Vision & Strategy Alignment
  • Engaging Speaker
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Education www.milliondollarbutterflies.com and www.teenbiznetwork.com

Mary's Portfolio

Founder of Butterfly Creative, LLC

Mary founded Butterfly Creative, LLC in March of 2012. Through her work, she revealed it does not matter how strong a marketing or sales strategy is for a company if their business is not structured to support high-growth sales strategies. She specializes in a handful of industries such as tech, professional services, and financial services. Clients of Butterfly Creative build on infrastructure, systems, and processes that support aggressive marketing plans and sales strategies, create multiple revenue streams, and transform their small business to new levels of profitability.

Youth entrepreneur focus:


Ages 7-12

Teen entrepreneur focus:


Ages 13-19

Founder of No Life Apart Ministry

We inspire Christians to live fully in Christ; living no life apart from Him. When you accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior, you receive the gift of salvation; eternal life. Jesus died on the cross for us and all our sins have been forgiven. This is glorious news, yet many Christians aren't able to live fully and receive the kingdom of God while on earth - they cannot experience Heaven on earth because they live in the flesh, not in the Spirit. To receive all that God has for you, you must fully commit to one life with God, not life of both this world and the spirit - NO LIFE APART FROM GOD. You don't get to pick what you like out of the Bible and what you like of this world. No Life Apart means you fully accept your walk with Christ and you deny the temptations of the flesh every day.

Learn more at http://nolifeapart.org

Mary's Publications

Extreme Business Building: From Concept to Profit in 60 Days

A complete business building guide starting with understanding what type of business you should build, how to build it, and how to create profit in 60 days! 

Million Dollar Butterflies: Children in Business

MDB plans on changing the future of this economy by teaching children concepts like money, business, entrepreneurship, and have them creating jobs out of school NOT demanding them

Launchpad: Entrepreneur Workbook for Teens

This workbook teaches entrepreneurship at a teen level in an effort to help them create a business startup and grow it into a successful company.


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